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Working on a low cost local diet. January 28, 2010

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I have always felt that the best, healthiest way to eat…is local, organic, whole foods. I have not always eaten that way. I have let money, life situations and even plain old laziness keep me from feeding my family the foods that I believe are good for them. But no more! I am working very hard to utilize the outlets that I have available to me: a local “farmers market at your door,” the regular local farmers markets, local farmers I know, and a spattering of small independently owned “grociers.”

I started this venture about a month ago…and the points in my direction are:

  •  I have not bought store bought bread, or boxed cereal in a month
  • I have kept my weekly grocery budget for a family of six to around $100.00 a week.

The points againt me at this point are:

  •  I actually fed my family liver
  •  I am still using ALDIs and an occasional stop at the local P&C.

So I am a work in progress…but I am learning that it is possible!
Right off the bat I have to disclaim that I am striving to eat local, organic, whole foods…HOWever…I can not sacrifice my family’s nutrition or our budget to always buy things labeled “organic” or “nitrate free.” I look at each step, or mouthfull as the case may be, as a victory…count my blessings and pray that God uses the food He provides for us to keep our bodies healthy and growing. SO…let the adventure commence!


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