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The Joy of a Splurge February 17, 2010

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For the past 3 months my family has been very tolerant of my local, healthful food craze. My kids have not (really) complained about oatmeal almost every morning. My husband has not complained (and even likes…sometimes) eating meals with little or no meat. So Since I had a little extra money for the grocery budget last week, and we had to go to BJ’s (mainly to stock up on cheddar cheese b/c it is the cheapest there) I told each child that they could pick any one item. They could pick from an extra fruit, snack foods, frozen foods etc.

The 3 year had picked out some pretzels and quickly relinquished them for a 3 lb box of cheesits. He held them all the way through the store. The 4 year old was very pleased with a 45 count of cheese crackers- you know the ones with the peanut butter in the middle. The 9 year old could hardly believe that I let her get frozen French toast sticks, and the 8 year old literally jumped up and down when I said he could get a box of frozen éclairs. (I have NEVER previously purchased these, he only knew about them b/c we had them at a friend’s house.)

So, not the grapefruit or kiwis I was hoping for, but all things considered I didn’t think it was that bad. And I think that we all learned a little something from the experience…I learned that my kids appreciate these novelty items much, much more after being denied them for so long. I also learned that I can package up a ridiculously large box of peanut butter crackers into zip-lock baggies of 10 and put them away on the top shelf…thereby making them last a whole month.

I think my kids and my husband learned that I am still, in fact, the same woman (they may have been getting concerned) and that an occasional splurge is ok.

The most important thing though…was that I saw my son, jump up and down with excitement, about something that he really enjoyed. I hope that I can teach my children how important it is to eat good food that came from your own, or your “neighbors” farm. I hope that I instill a love of food that is outside the box. But I also hope that I do not ever squelch the joy of their childhood…even if it means an occasional box of frozen éclairs from BJ’s.


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