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Thursday Is Bounty day! February 18, 2010

I love Thursdays.  Here in Central New York, there is a wonderful organization called CNY Bounty.   This is a farmers market that delivers to your door!  And Thursday is the day my order gets delivered!  I heard about them from Evan’s Creamery in Norwich, NY.  Evan’s Creamery was one of my very first introductions to local organic eating.  They sell pasteurized non-homogenized milk and other diary products.  When I first found out about them I would look for any opportunity to drive to Norwich (about a 40 min drive and I do no other business there).  Occasionally I would say we just needed to go to get milk.  Thus the milk we bought from Evan’s endearingly became known by our family as “40 min milk.”   With the CNY Bounty, the milk gets delivered to my door!

CNY Bounty Order 2.18.01
CNY Bounty Order 2.18.10

This week I bought 3 gallons of milk and a quart of plain yogurt from Evan’s creamery, a bag of Crispin apples from Split Rail Apple Farm,  2 lbs of cornmeal from Gianforte Farm, 1 quart of 1/2 & 1/2 from Queensboro Dairy, Broccoli sprouts from Mizrahi Manor Farm, A bulb of Elephant Garlic from Gardner’s Gladiolus, Angel hair pasta from The Pasta Shop and 2 Bags of Salad Bouquet form Finger lakes Fresh (not shown).

My total bill for this was $47.26.  This is about half of my grocery budget for next week.  And I should be fine to fit in my $100.00 budget.  I will still need to get: jell-o, pearl Barley, Oatmeal, V8, pine nuts (or almonds) chicken breasts, and some canned Tomato soup and maybe peanut butter.

Other items on the menu that will be form the Bounty:


Tuesday-Potatoes, and the wheat flour used to make the hamburger buns.

Wednesday- the corn meal from this week will be used to make corn bread

Thursday, Friday and Sat- Again, the wheat in the bread.

I will also be making up a big batch of chicken stock to freeze this weekend using chicken necks from the Bounty that have been waiting in my freezer.

Love the Bounty!


4 Responses to “Thursday Is Bounty day!”

  1. Mama Beth Says:

    We do lots of oats, but not a lot of oatmeal. I make what is a granola recipe and here it is for my clan of 12. Probably you will want to cut it in half.

    12 cups oats – fill the 4 quart measure up to the top, not to the 4 quart mark, 2 times
    cinnamon to taste – 1-2 tsp
    1/2 cup sugar

    Mix in a bowl until cinnamon and sugar are distributed.

    Add 1 cup oil and 1 cup water. Stir until all is moistened and evenly colored.

    At this point we eat it. (Well, most of us will eat it, but some like to let it sit for several hours, so the flavors can blend more.) But you can toast it in the oven until it is how crispy you like it. OR you can put it in the oven after using it to bake something else and turn the oven off and it will get crispy as the oven cools down.

    However, we eat it uncooked – raw! And we eat it with milk or yogurt. Some add peanut butter or raisins or both. It is a staple here. And I usually end up making 1 batch per day.

    I let this sit on the counter most of the year. In the summer I need to refrigerate it or it gets moldy, but the rest of the year it is fine on the counter. However, if your batch lasts more than 1 day, it will need to be refrigerated.


    • I will definitely give this a try! I made one batch of granola, but it didn’t seem to go quite as far as the cooked oats…but perhaps if I rotate them the kids won’t get so stuck in “gruel” mode. Thanks for sharing Mama Beth!

      • made it! Total success…I did about halve this recipe, and We nibbled on it raw and ate some like cereal with milk. And since I know now that I can buy 50lb bags of oats at the local Amish store, I think this will become a staple!

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