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A Perfect Example March 1, 2010

The verdict is in…I don’t have a total handle on all of this.  Despite my best laid plans, sometimes life just happens.

For the rest of this to make sense, you need a little bit of background:

  1. We live about an hour away from the nearest city, where we do our banking etc. so we try to make 1 trip a week.
  2. We only have 1 car, and quite often my husband needs to either fill the car with tools, or have the car during the day to run errands etc. for work–so normally, taking him to work and having the car for the day is not an option for me (and we have lived with 1 car for most of our married lives–we are pros at this!)
  3. Where our house sits we get a lot of snow, and then it drifts–right into our driveway.

Plan change #1

Life being what it is, I had planned on going to my few local grocers on Thursday afternoon, up to the city on Friday evening (banking, shopping, and worship at a friends house).  Thursday my husband’s work schedule got changed.  He had to go back to work that night, and then would have Friday off, and have to work again Friday night.  “No problem.” I said to myself,  “The CNY Bounty order came today, we can do all the errands Friday, skip going to the friends house…and life will go on.”

Plan change #2

And then the snow came.  Now, we live in Central New York, we are used to snow!  But this was a good storm and my husband’s boss called to tell him to stay home Thursday night, and just come in Friday.  “Hmm…” I thought, “we can go do worship, get to the bank, and maybe have time to get some groceries, I’ll have to try to get to the local stores on Saturday, life goes on.”

Plan change #3

Shoveling from the road

Aaand theeen the snow….was.  My husband started shoveling Friday morning with the intention of just getting out of the drive way to go to work.  By 8:00 am He knew he was going to be late.  By 10:00 he knew he wasn’t going to make it, and his boss told him to just come in Saturday.  “That’s okay.” I said out loud, “We can go do all the things that need to be done.  Still go to the friends for worship, and life is good.”

Plan change #4

My dear husband finally finished clearing the driveway around 1:00, and we all started getting ready to go…”Late start, we’ll have to skip the local stores.”  I realized with some dismay.  Then–the phone rang.  It was the director of my BS nursing program about an e-mail I had sent to her.  I, having been in a hurry, had misread a date and assumed that the conversation had to take place then, because of timing.   So we had our conversation while I stood in my bedroom trying to figure out what to wear, and my husband got the kids ready to go.   We finally made it out of the house by 2:00.  And by now, as I am sure you, my fellow Americans can relate, I felt like I had just done 300 loads of laundry, washed 30 children, tried on 20 different pairs of jeans, and saved a small country from utter doom.  I was in no mood to go shopping, If life was going to go on…it could just go on with out me.

Plan change #5, the conclusion

We did things in the order they made sense…and quickly ran out of time.  In order to make it to our friends house (something we had all been looking forward to) on time, we had to forgo getting groceries all together!  We ended up going to BJ’s Saturday evening (a 2nd trip to the city! and a $200 grocery bill) and to get there before they closed we fed the kids McDonald’s in the car!  OH, how I was angry that I have been working so hard on this venture, only to cave and buy purdue chicken and happy meals!   But here is the point:  Life does go on.

For so many of us…life goes on day by day and we are busy, doing all the things that we have to do and the things that keep us sane.  We have been afforded this busy lifestyle because we have been given wonderful items of convenience–cars, cell phones, boxed food, fast food….  Maybe it is not the food or the menu that needs so much attention as it is the lifestyle.   But whatever life we live, and whatever events cause us to stray from our path–like me and my quest to feed my family, reasonably local, healthy foods, on a budget–we need to remember that Life goes on…a day passes and it is behind us, we can learn from it or we can repeat it.


2 Responses to “A Perfect Example”

  1. Dr A Says:

    …oooo and we talked soooo very long in the middle of your dressing and leaving the house! Speaking of being confused…. I too, was still under the assumption we were talking about that next Monday… Whew!!! it’s not till March 29th… so, see… we’re both just very early and very on-top of planning… and, I meant every word of my offer…. hope you’ve RSVP’d that you’ll BE THERE ! 🙂

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