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Thankful for the Spectacular. April 2, 2010

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This is a random Friday Morning musing.  I have fed the kids, walked the dog, done some things for school and started the chores for the day…and then it struck me…There are only 24 more days till I turn 30!  Now I know that sounds random…but I decided about 8 days ago that I was going to embrace turning 30 by doing something SPecTACuLAR  every day for 30 days…in a sort of a “30 to 30” countdown.  Up until now I have been a bit resistant. To say the least.

It didn’t help that the eye doctor told me I needed reading glasses. Or that there are 3 stark gray hairs that stick up out of my part line and scream at me every time I look in a mirror (the three chosen representatives who remind me of the legions lurking above and behind my ears!)  It also didn’t help that since being home I have um…gotten a little snug in most of my pants.  EEKS!

So I decided that I was going to do something that I DEEMED spectacular for 30 days.  Day 30 was dinner with the family at one of our favorite restaurants.  It was very nice and made nicer by a fellow patron buying dessert for my children because they were “so well behaved.”  That is a lovely badge to wear into adulthood!  Day 29 we had some old/new friends over and had a lovely evening.  One day I decided I was wearing my pajamas to school…just because I could.  Yesterday, I intended on doing yard work (I actually LIKE to do that) and ended up cleaning the inside of the car…not quite as enjoyable but the results are SPecTACuLAR!

When I started this my husband asked me (with a wink) “Is this going to be an expensive celebration?”  I do hope to take the kids to a science museum, or maybe even to the Sight and Sound theater in Pennsylvania to see “JOSEPH.”  BUT I really don’t need to do something EXPENSIVE in order to do something SPecTACuLAR!

Of course the good weather helps, sunshine makes everything spectacular.  But even beyond that— mundane things like making my own Matzoh for our passover celebration– I thoroughly enjoyed it!   Now perhaps you could argue that I am simply convincing myself –that today, as I go around my yard, clearing out gardens and pruning trees and bushes–that I am doing something spectacular.  Well, perhaps.  But don’t we convince ourselves either way?  We either convince ourselves that things are not that bad, or that they are awful.  The fist chapter of 2 Peter has been teaching me that not all things are “IMMEDIATE.” There is a natural progression to our attitudes.  If we continue to grumble about our dissatisfaction with what we do not have, we will eventually grow to hate the things we do have. Like wise if we look on things that are perhaps a bit unpleasant, or not so perfect with kindness, we will eventually learn to love them.  And let’s face it, life is just better when we have a good attitude, and it stinks when we don’t.

So I am learning to embrace the idea of being 30.  One day at a time…instead of expecting to wake up at the end of the month and just “POOF” being ok with it.   And I am very thankful for all of the SPecTACuLAR things in my life.


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