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The spirit of adventure June 15, 2010

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My husband and watched a movie last week called 180° South.  It was about a man who wanted to climb Corcovado in Patagonia, and how he traveled there to do it. It was an interesting watch, and it blew a little breath into our desires for our own quests and adventures.  But for now, we are tied to jobs, a mortgage, children…all the things that do not typically assist a free and adventurous spirit.  Some degree however, of our desire for frugality, is to help fund and make possible our own grand adventures.

I like to travel.  I have been all over the US and to Europe.  I like seeing new things and experiencing life in other places.  Of course one way I can bring those places to me is in the kitchen.  The currys of India, the soy of China, the BBQ of the south…I love taking mini world tours with my mouth.

Sometimes, adventures are planned and well thought out.  Sometimes they are quite accidental.

The menu for this week had “Hamburgers” on for Monday night. My husband loves hamburgers.  I can only think of one restaurant where he hasn’t ordered a hamburger and that was a Japanese steak house!  But, alas, amidst too many projects I neglected to buy hamburger from my in-laws for the meal,and when 5:00 came around I had a menu…and no ingredients!  So I turned to the trusty internet to come up with something.  Whenever I do this I think of superheros…going to their super computers and being told the exact time and location of the next big crime…I wish I could clean house in Wonder Woman’s boots!  Talk about adventure.

"I met a man the other day, sold all he had and headed west Said he found some richness there And he's going to make it his Smiling as he parted Saying something about buying a filed and now he's gone so long...~ What could be so grand, Seeds

I had seen recipes for Lentil burgers in my searches for other lentil recipes.  I always passed them over knowing of my husbands reverence for ground beef.  But this was an emergency, this was the beginning of an adventure.  I chose one, and set to work.  I delegated the shredding of the carrots to my daughter.  As I boiled,chopped, mixed and measured I had a quiet pit in my stomach that it was all for naught.  That dinner would be a struggle and that I should probably just have made nice, safe, unadventurous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

And then it happened…we ate.

And they liked it!  My husband even said he “really liked” it.  He had friends over to play music with, and 2 of them tried them out of curiosity…and THEY liked it!  In my humble opinion this was an adventure worth taking.  Now I have a cheap, yummy, healthful substitute for hamburgers although I will only make them occasionally…we couldn’t quite give up the beef around here) and I didn’t run to the store to buy hamburger and spend extra $ on other items that I would have inevitably bought.

Making a Lentil burger is not climbing a towering peak in Patagonia.  It isn’t even akin to walking up the hill behind my house.  But this little bit of willingness to venture into the unknown opened new possibilities and will help us prepare for some of those bigger adventures down the road.


3 Responses to “The spirit of adventure”

  1. the MR. Says:

    you said “healthful substitute for hamburgers”
    my dear you are wrong, there are NO substitutes for a real beef hamburger, secondly if it is healthful…………. then it is most certainly NOT a substitute. That being said I really did like your lentil patties. notice i did not call them a burger 😉 keep it up babe

  2. Maggie Says:

    great veggie burger and even better that it is home-made. was just poking in our family recipe binder [that looks like your F2F one :)] and came across a Utica OD recipe from 4-13-2004 for homemade Garbanzo Burgers:
    1 15oz can garbanzo beans, drained, but NOT rinsed; 1 1/3 cup rolled oats;
    1 cup water; 1/2 small onion, minced; 1/4 cup finely chopped mushrooms;
    1/4 t garlic powder; 1/4 t ground cumin; 1/8 to 1/4 t cayenne or paprika; 1.5 T soy sauce; 1-2 T olive oil and 6 whole wheat buns.
    Food process beans on low till crumbly like ground meat; txfr to bowl & add all except oil. combine & rest 10-15″, till all water is absorbed. Mushy is ok. Shape .5 cup into burger and set on wax paper; repeat x5. heat oil over medium heat; CAREFULLY move patty to hot pan; cook both sides till golden then dress as desired and enjoy 🙂

    peace and love, maggie

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