The little Clay Pot

Lots of things can go in a little Clay Pot

Sometimes…little clay pots sit on the shelf…forgotten. February 9, 2011

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Well, back in December I promised new posts soon…here it is February and I am just getting started.  But, I think the time has come to take the little Clay Pot off the shelf and see what it has inside to offer.

Classes have started again, this is my last semester. Yea!  In addition to that I am going back to work.   So it will be imperative that Hubby and I work together well to keep this family running smoothly.  As you all know, I firmly believe that a planned menu helps out in that regard.  Enter the little Clay Pot.  I have posted the first menu for 2011 (even if it is for the week of 2.14-2.20) sans recipes.  We are starting small here folks!  I think that this new page format will allow me to organize things better and include some better cost analysis…as well as allow me a little space to share some important things that are not necessarily food related–as this blog was first intended.

The menus will still strive to keep a weekly budget under $100.00 and I still hope to shop as locally and as organically as possible.  It is amazing to me how I have totally lost the “appetite” for processed foods since we have started this paradigm shift in the way we eat–THAT being said…you may see an occasional falter as we learn how to manage our schedule.

So here is to dusting off the little Pot and setting it back out for company to see.



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