The little Clay Pot

Lots of things can go in a little Clay Pot

the Little Clay Pot discovers a new purpose February 1, 2012

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When I started this blog, its primary use was to post menus that documented my journey through feeding my family reasonably local, reasonably organic foods on a frugal budget–mixed with a certain amount of random thoughts because, hey…that just how I roll.

In 2011: I started a full-time nursing position working 12 hr nights in a state hospital, graduated with a BS-N, moved to the “city” house, rented out the “country” house, started attending a new fellowship, and still helped maintain our home and homeschooling ways…oh and almost totally fell off the “local/organic bandwagon.”

Now hopefully you see why there wasn’t much activity here in the Little Clay Pot.

I still hope to post menus here…if for no one else than my husband who found it helpful. And we are starting to get back on that bandwagon!

But with all those changes I think this girl is seeing a new dimension taking place as the Potter continues to “complete the good work” that He has started by forming this Little Clay Pot.

If you have ever had a slightly spiritual discussion with me about my testimony you might have heard me use an analogy about God having a plan for my life and it being laid out on a road.  Only…in my “aimless conduct” I often take detours, only to be guided back to the path that is ordained for me by my Gentle Creator.  I will say “If I only would listen and seek the LORD I would be so much further along the path, but I make slow progress because I am always getting of the main road to visit tourist traps.”  Something like this:

My Path. Talk about wandering in the wilderness!

Now don’t misunderstand me, God has used each little detour to show me truths about His Faith, Glory and Love.  Sometimes I just think it would be nice to stay on His path and quit trying to make my own!

So I was so blessed today to find a beautiful truth about Gods kingdom in Isaiah 35:8

A highway shall be there, and a road,And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.

The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for others.

Whoever walks the road, although a fool, shall not go astray. [emphasis mine]

What?!  One of God’s promises is that there will be a road even I can not veer off of?!  A High way of Holiness that even in my foolish ways I can not stray from?!  To date I think this is one of my favorite aspects of Gods Truth.  And I hope to apply the concept of maintaining a righteous (not perfect) and Holy (not holier than thou) walk on the road that God has laid before me on His Highway of Holiness.


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