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Weekly Menu- Please Read First February 6, 2010

This is a FREE MENU. It is the same menu that I am using to feed my family of 6 on roughly $100.00 a week.   So if this can be something that blesses me and my family, and someone else then awesome.   Please read this page first and remember…we are living in the US, with stoves in a kitchen…even dishwashers…so if we spend some extra $ on a nicer piece of meat fine, we can…but we can do with a whole lot less if we want to, and should be thankful for the things we have.

What it could be....

  1. I have been using various methods over the last 5 years to learn how to cook with a budget i n mind, and still make food that tastes good. I have a lot of books and even computer programs to help me in menu planning, grocery shopping etc. I have used off and on and typically really like her system–but more and more her menus don’t line up with my families tastes or budget so I am going to give a try at structuring my own.   But if my menus don’t appeal to you, I recommend checking out that site.
  2. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!!! is that if something sounds gross, or you don’t have the ingredients, or the kids are puking all day DON”T FOLLOW THE MENU! I am a firm beliver in having a moderately stocked freezer and pantry.  But We all have to start somewhere. If anyone is really interested in anything I am doing, I am happy to share…just ask.
  3. I am starting small—only posting dinner and not too much cost analysis…and we will see how it goes.  I welcome any feedback.
  4. I really like to do Once a month cooking (oamc) so I use aspects of that in my planning.
  5. I want to use as organic and as local AS REASONABLY POSSIBLE. I can not buy local, organic tomatoes in CNY in January! So, if you have items that you prefer to use by all means do so.
  6. If an item is not listed on the Grocery List–It is because I already have it in my house—please edit your grocery list for YOU. Also, I use a grocery list software that I have not figured how to link to the blog yet.   But it is a free download from And totally worth it!
  7. Last but not least…I once posted a link (long ago on another message board) to a menu that was very bare bones…I’m talking beans and bacon…in response to a request for the MOST economical way to feed a family…the person posted a response that said basically “thanks but no thanks, I like my kids to have fruits and veggies!”  I just want to point out: If you are only spending $50 a week on the essentials you STILL have money left over to buy the fresh stuff! The point is THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX~ Do not be limited by what I post.
  8. Menus are arranged in the Pages section, by date.  Any notes or grocery notes are arranged under the parent menu.   So take a look, read through the corresponding posts and ENJOY!


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