The little Clay Pot

Lots of things can go in a little Clay Pot

Grocery List- 2.15.10 February 8, 2010

This is My grocery List…You will probably need to edit it.  I hope to eventually find a way to add a complete grocery list feature using Shopping List soft ware from Home Plan Software.  This is a great FREE download that I have been using since 2004 or 2005.  I highly recommend using it if you are serious about sticking to a food budget–you know how much you are going to spend BEFORE you even get to the Market.

ALSO: In the next few weeks I will be doing some restocking of the freezer…so I am gearing up with supplies.  “??” means I do not have a recent price on record.  I will edit this, or post a new page with my actual grocery costs after I do my shopping next weekend.  


  1. 3 Gallons Milk- local dairy (non organic, and Pasturized) – 9.56
  2. 1 Qt Heavy Cream- local dairy (non organic, and Pasturized) 3.06
  3. 1 Qt Yogurt-Local, organic, -4.06
  4. 5 Dozen eggs-(free range, local, no antibiotic these will be used for regular cooking and some bulk cooking) – $13.00
  5. 1 Bag Crispin Apples- Local, -4.88
  6. 1 sald Bouquet bag from Fingerlakes fresh-2.00
  7. 3 Lbs Potatoes- Organic, local- 6.00
  8. 2 lbs Bacon- local market-10.11
  9. 2 Large block of Kraft Cheddar cheese- BJ’s – 14.00
  10. 2 cans Refried Beans–??
  11. Tortillia chips–??
  12. Salsa–??
  13. Large container of cottage cheese-??
  14. Lasagna Noodles–??
  15. Frozen Chicken Pieces-3.99
  16. Canned or frozen Corn, Green Beans,
  17. Butter

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