The little Clay Pot

Lots of things can go in a little Clay Pot

Weekly Menu 6.21.10-6.27.10 June 15, 2010


Spaghetti, Salad & Bread

An easy, flexible meal.  Easily adapted to a sparse pantry or a overflowing pantry.


Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon, biscuits & Fruit

Kids never argue about this meal, and with home made bisquick and home made frozen biscuits this comes together pretty quick.

*Note* Tuesday nights my husband has a commitment at 6:00 pm…so I want an easy no fuss meal.  If you have a similar situation just switch nights on your menu.  If you are following the menu…remember to marinate your kabob meat for Wednesday.


Shish Kabobs & Rice

I will purchase the cheapest beef I can for this.  Obviously a more expensive meat can be used…but a cheap cut normally works just fine as long as it does not have large veins of fat.  Remember to marinate your beef the day before.


Chicken, Grilled potatoes and Salad

I still have a few stew hens in the Freezer.  I will probably boil the bird during the day, save the stock, and then pull the meat off the bones, freezing some for an easy meal later on and serving dinner over the potatoes with a side of salad,



Home made or take out…Friday night pizza is a must.


Hot dogs, chips, salad, & finger fruit/veggies

Just do it the way you like it.


Lentil burgers, buns, & salad

The recipe for lentil burgers is here.  I used only one cup of bread crumbs, about 4 shakes of chili powder and made patties the same size I would make hamburgers.  I got about 11 patties out of it.  Store bought kaiser rolls make this easy, but if I am in the mood I will make our bread as usual.


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